The Most Common Myths About Sex

It would seem that everyone is engaged in sex, without exception. This is the most studied sphere of human relations. But nevertheless, around sex, there are more myths than stars in the sky. Everyone is to blame for this: porn industry, mass media, Hollywood films – everyone contributes to making people misread the perception of what real sex is. We begin to strive for an artificial, glossy image of intimate relationships and this is completely wrong.


Everyone has sex more often than you


It seems that some people have a certain weekly limit on sex, another explanation for the origin of this myth is difficult to come up with. The sexual life of each person depends on many nuances, for example, on the pleasure received, the availability of a partner, the degree of relationship with a partner and the willingness to copulate more often. As you see, not everything depends on you. Especially since 18 partners a week does not mean that you have a normal sex life. It is not quantity, but the quality that is important here.


Only men have problems with sexual dysfunction


With men, everything is much simpler: if they are, it can be seen right away – the fighter of love wilts, and it is immediately clear that the session is over. Women are more and more difficult: their dysfunction disappears as a partisan, and immediately you do not understand whether everything is okay or not because there are very few women in nature who admit that they did not have an orgasm. And to understand it during the procedure is quite difficult. But know that there is an alternation of blood supply and innervation of the genital organs, which leads to dysfunction in women.


Your future relationship depends on when you had sexual intercourse


If a person corresponds to your ideas about what date you can show your rich inner world, then your relationship in the future will be more serious. That’s because of this stupid opinion our brother is suffering from unrequited love and languishing in captivity from cruel women. If your girlfriend has spread her legs on the eighth date, it does not mean that she will not say on the tenth that you should part.


And if you had sex on a first date, it was not because you felt the kinship of souls, just a girl wants sex (which is quite normal). In the end, not everything in relationships depends on sex – if you are copulating well, but completely unbearable in other aspects, then it’s unlikely that you will succeed.


Sex should be spontaneous and unplanned


Perhaps spontaneous coitus, especially if it occurs in unusual and unintentional places, gives more acute and unforgettable sensations, but at the same time, it can greatly disappoint. So it is impossible to say unequivocally that spontaneous sex is better than planned. Especially when partners are preparing for the planned sex, they carry out some procedures and take measures to avoid misfiring and misunderstandings – in such cases, planned sex is much better. That’s the fact.


Men want sex more than women


Films, television, and pornography teach us that a man is a creature that is excited from a half-turn and lives on the principle of “well, I shouldn’t lose this erection”, trying to apply it to every female creature. And girls (except russian women) at this time actively resist and in general, they rarely think about sex because they have a lot of other worries and experiences. Nevertheless, this is all a deception, generated by culture and morals. If you remove the veil of stereotypes, it turns out that women are obsessed with sex no less than men, and perhaps even more. Even if it’s about feminists.


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