7 Things a Girl Wants From You

When we guys have problems with girls, we just say to ourselves: “but who generally understands these women” or “to understand a woman is as easy as building a space rocket”. There is a part of truth in these words, but not because you are brainwashed with a nonsense and your soul is raped but because sex is a serious dividing line between people. However, everything is not as bad as it seems at first glance.
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Loyalty is one of the first signs that your relationship is strong and healthy. When there is no loyalty, approval, then all communication collapses in a matter of months. From the old feelings, there is nothing that would remind of their former strength. In practice, it looks like this: the girl is engaged in nonsense, and you understand this, but you will support her because it is important for her. To achieve this, you will have to work seriously on your own selfishness. We hope you will succeed.




A human being is rarely called honest. We are lying even when we do not want to. Perhaps it is the instincts, the force of habit, or something else that is to blame – it’s not so important now. The principle is that in relations you need to be as honest as possible, as much as possible. Because the lie of a person who lives with you around the clock is visible to the naked eye. And when you are caught on this lie, you are deprived of all respect. It is very easy to start a stormy connection that will be based on your fictitious self, but continuing it is an impossible task. Why? Because, over time, your true side will manifest.




Time, perhaps, is one of the most valuable gifts that you can give your girlfriend. Of course, many have a very tight schedule, work 15 hours a day and a bunch of “important” cases that you want to do before you can give some attention to your second half. But, in that case, maybe you do not need a relationship? What is the sense of supporting them, if you can not find a couple of hours for the girl with whom you live? And we are not talking about the time you spend together (sleep, lunch, and dinner). No, we are talking about such moments that you completely dedicate to your woman, and she dedicates you. Correctly prioritize.




The eternal problem that still has to be solved. We, the guys, are guided by reason (most often) when we try to solve this or that problem. If a girlfriend has some problem, then we are trying to chat to women and help from this position because we know that the problem can be solved most quickly and without any special nervous and energy costs this way. But not always reason will be a good helper in a relationship. The fact is that sometimes a girlfriend does not want help at all, but your understanding. She will cope with the problem, but only if you treat her with understanding and support.

Controlling emotions


Now there are many arguments in one direction or another. It seems that women like that we can show emotions, but they will never love crying boys. We think that there must be some balance that would say that you are not a crying woman, but also not an insensible piece of metal. Emotions are good when they help increase the level of trust between two people because their presence indicates that you do not hold a shield in front of your friend and are not afraid to be vulnerable.




Just be a strong guy, both physically and psychologically. There will be times when this quality is needed to protect the girl from danger even at the hour when she does not ask it. If a girlfriend has dark times, then you should be around and support her. A woman may not ask you to do something, but she will, of course, hope that you will understand everything yourself. She needs your strength.




Call us old-fashioned, but security is your main task since the Stone Age. A man should be confident in his path, plans for the future and finances. This is a huge plus when a person knows who he is and where he goes in life. Indecision is the real evil that will disappoint any girl.


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