How to Tell If She’s Bored on a Date

Yep, the first date is always full of awkwardness. But the worst thing is to make your date-mate bored. You really want to provoke your date-mate’s interest. You understand that you are unlikely to finish your first date with the chances for the second one, if your prospective partner would find you boring, Moreover, you know how awful it feels when you are bored on the date. In order to manoeuvre on your first date successfully, you need to tell if she’s bored or not. So, let’s check out the signs that she is bored on a date with you from russian girls for marriage.


She Starts Checking Her Phone


Well, that’s a very bad sign to start with. You are probably talking too much, and the topic that you’ve picked might be not that interesting to her at all. No one forces you to discuss shopping with her, but if she starts checking her phone, while you are talking about politics for the second hour in the row, you should stop. Otherwise, your date is already doomed. You know, you can pick some conversational topics online in order to avoid awkward situations like that.


She Tries To Change The Topic


You are talking and talking and talking, and from time to time, she’s trying to interrupt. You may not like being interrupted, but is she’s trying to do that for the fifth time in one hour, you should probably stop. Moreover, she is giving you a chance to recover yourself in her eyes. Basically, she’s giving you a second chance. You may ask what interests her. It is always better than finding yourself in the situation like this.


She’s Taking Deep Breath


Well, it may not be that clear sign, but if she’s taking the deep breath again and again, she’s feeling bored. Actually, what she’s trying to do is to hold her yawn in order not to look rude. If you start noticing that she’s taking a deep breath, than you should change the topic or ask her about something.


She’s Rolling Her Eyes


Well, that’s a clear sign that she is bored. Moreover, it’s not just the sign that she is bored. It is also the sign that she thinks that you are jerk. If you want do something, like changing the topic, you may forget about the second date already.


She’s Constantly Walking Out


It all seemed perfectly fine at first, but an hour in and she’s either walking out the ladies room or for a smoke, or she needs to call someone. Well, don’t be that surprised, she’s doing it in order to take a break from your boring monologue. And whether you like it or not, you monologue is indeed boring. And if she says she needs to phone someone, you may be absolutely sure that she is calling one of her girlfriends in order to complain about the date.  


She’s Checking What Time It Is


Well, there is no need to look further, as she is definitely bored. She’s checking her watch to figure out how long she would be able to take this boring date and your boring conversational topics. Probably, your chances for the second date is already dead, but you can still try changing something in order to save the situation. But mainly, checking the time means the end.